What is time? Ticking away at your insides,

never thought you’d be blood, sweat and tears deep,

pouring your youth away in the mill, and to what end?

everyday still struggling.

Better build a quick defense, better plan your next five years,

(I’ve got a love I’m going to marry, a little bit of money saved, and that’s it)

the bare truth is nerves of steel don’t get you everything,

sometimes even when you do all you can, you still lose,

(so lose with grace and rise with grit)

but what then, when the thunderous applause of your converted disbelievers don’t make you smile?

humanity is ravenous! humanity is a pity!

What is time? When a paradise is a sick day and a few miles away.

never thought you’d make it this far, but you have,

(take a breath, take to what you know best)

hold steady, mind clear, eyes focused.

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