Feet on the ground now so I don’t miss a step (except for when I’m falling all over my lover).

Practicing patience, keeping the inner-self still.

Present passing by, future slowly more clear. A rush and a push, we’ve come all the way here.

Take a second, take a minute, enjoy and u n w i n d.

By the Sea

Waves come crashing into sand,

Birds take to the skies for safety,

Bliss and strife dance hand in hand,

Yet all of it is hazy,

All I see, is you, here with me.


though our eyes are wide open,
it feels as if we’re living in a dream state,
desperate to decipher the real from fake.

moments underestimated – or calculated to the tee,
what difference does it make in the end?
who will it affect?

though your heart is wide open,
if you’re colder than the bottom of the ocean,
who’ll brave its depths?

don’t neglect, don’t forget
we’ll all be beneath the ground one day,
nothing more than bones and sediment.


I am a plethora of contradictions,
wild, free  yet well-kept,
flawless prose in simple diction,
wide awake and hardly slept.

True warriors never share their stories,
but bury me in my armor,
forever doused in gold and glory,
the misanthropic little charmer.


Side by side they choose a path,

Neither you, nor I will ever know.

They menace the skies, just briefly stopping to rest,

Under summer sun’s golden glow.