Fear is a Four Letter Word

Free yourself,

Float away from thoughts of what could’ve been done better.

Adore yourself,

Each scar, each scrape – each idiosyncrasy.

Embrace yourself,

Dance around the room foolishly, own each minute of it.

Live for yourself,

Everything else? Just dust to wisp off your fingertips.

All I Know (Of You) Are Ghost Stories

Morbid whispers, past to present,
Decadent in mourning.
Efforts much too long misspent,
Haunted, rich with yearning.
Ask, but never postulate,
Arrive honest and plain.
More emptiness to consecrate,
A journey made in vain.
With distance alone the burden fades,
The heart finds itself aflutter.
The end at last, of all charades,
Not a word left to utter.
Though anguish may appear to rise within those vacant skies,
Can’t trust a single tear, if it falls from a demon’s eyes.