Fall, A Love Story

Tender is the autumn night that holds us close.

Cold sweeping over mountains, down through valleys,

‘Til it journeys into the bedroom window.

Vivid dreams of kids, a pool, and a picket fence,

Never thought, but thoughts betray you at your best.

All things grow with a little time and care,

Tender is the autumn night that brought us here.


Conned and captured,

Whipped, raped, lynched, and shot in cold blood,

You may be able to oppress us,

But we will never be silenced.

By the Sea

Waves come crashing into sand,

Birds take to the skies for safety,

Bliss and strife dance hand in hand,

Yet all of it is hazy,

All I see, is you, here with me.


i. This city reminds me
Nights Iā€™d come home soul stained with vodka, whiskey, gin
After all-night, kissing the wrong person
Sleeping in to get passed the disappointments

ii. That song reminds me
Open wound of a life
Waking even though my very essence was dying
Everything amounted to nothing, desperate to hold on to something

iii. This place reminds me
Beautiful new memories made
Body/mind a lot less heavy
Time loves those old scars away