lonely little lover sitting on the shelf, with plastic parts
all shiny and brand new and a tiny plastic heart
consumed with burning desire for you
“love her but it couldn’t work,” you know the old refrain and so years pass and you drift your separate ways.
maybe that’s all for the best, maybe you’re in love with being loved, just a lovely little loner spilling down the drain full of empty compliments and a desperate need to kiss away your pain,
it only hurts for a moment, an excruitaiting bliss, and then you’ve made it through,
that’s just the way
life works kid.


can’t see straight,

too many li(n)es to make anything into solid shapes,

eyes wide, head no longer filled with ache,

heart dancing, mind awake,

every nerve unsettled, watching every wall break,

when sleep finally calls

take me and let it