just want a little respect, a bit more consideration,
body – all pain and determination

writhing in the sunlight, kissing the sky,
watching the tides rise and die

At the Sea

(Yours Truly, Photographed by: Tom Pearce)

Watch me tightrope walking,

Far above the great abyss,

One with all and nothingness.

Juggling the knives left in my side for sport,

Sun rising like blood pressure, ’til it’s boiling hot,

Readymade excuses, laid out all for naught.

Come have another gin,

Dance, dance, dance on the edge with me,

Clinging to the last of civility.

By the Sea

Waves come crashing into sand,

Birds take to the skies for safety,

Bliss and strife dance hand in hand,

Yet all of it is hazy,

All I see, is you, here with me.