Same sad news,
dark sky, cold winds,

Fat cats checking investments,
ignoring corruption at home in favor of the like abroad.

Despots disparaging/dictating to other despots.

And what of my generation?

We’ve revived taking to the streets,
grilling/screaming at our legislators,

Demanding change,
asserting alt identities,

Casting aside stigmas,
living how we want with whom we love,

loving ourselves openly.

Not lost nor lazy, but
creative, innovative,
brutally honest.

You can’t f#ck us, without paying first.


Pay my taxes,
punch the clock,
Raise my own hell,
don’t do you no harm.
Get off my back man,
take a minute,
hurry up!
Last cigarette,
I promise.
Running around,
pure electricity,
Keys in the front door,
sweet relief.
A day in the wilderness,
calm release.
Otherwise, its the bourgeois maze.
Gotta form a plan,
get out.
Eternal freedom,
no doubts.