Fear is a Four Letter Word

Free yourself,

Float away from thoughts of what could’ve been done better.

Adore yourself,

Each scar, each scrape – each idiosyncrasy.

Embrace yourself,

Dance around the room foolishly, own each minute of it.

Live for yourself,

Everything else? Just dust to wisp off your fingertips.


Whether fault belongs to you
Or in truth, may lie with me
It’s all about perspective
All that matter’s what you see

King of the Outsiders

The contrast is stark,

Naked, breathing, bleeding.

Not lost in the delirium,

“Love is patient, love is kind,”

Said some sad sap before it all ended –

Love is lovely, but my soul is mine,

My debts,

Pain, sorrow,

All divine.

Dancing on a mountain side,

Alone under the fiery sky.